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Collars | Leads | Leashes | Harness for your Beloved Pets! Whether you prefer a snap leash or slip style lead, Denice Langley Custom can create your personalized leash/lead, collar, harness and accessory. And you can have it made for that special show event or just because!

Collars | Leads | Leashes | Harness

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Custom Leather Collars

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Custom leather collars can be customized to show originality of your pet or match anything, like a handbag. As, custom leather and conchos:

  • Lettering
  • Color
  • Stones
  • Custom Silver (options available for unlimited silver possibilities you may need)
    • Name
    • License ID#
    • Initials
    • Brands
    • Dog Breeds
    • Stones
    • Engraving patterns
  • or even leather that looks like Metal. Literally, anything you can think of for a collar.

Leads & Leashes

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The Ultimate Slip Leash fits every dog (or pet) in an instant and has that super high-end look and feel that you’ve come to expect from my work. And providing you with the most Amazing leash collar combinations ever! Includes two sliding ‘keepers’ that adjust the amount the collar with tighten, as well as how big the loop is to fit over your dogs head.

A collar and leash all in one! It will fit literally ANY dog of any size in an instant.

Even though there are many versions out there, these are very exclusive with a plain or stamped overlay over a padded soft leather bottom piece for comfort. Also, they have a great ‘feel’ in your hand and are incredibly strong and durable. As in the collars section, custom silver can be added to have your dogs name, your name, initials, phone number, and anything else you’d like!

It will be your favorite dog accessory in No Time!
As well as, adding a matching collar to your custom leash order.

Customer Reviews Leashes

OH MY GOSH, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!! They are beautiful and spectacular, and the detail is amazing!!!!!!!!

Cara, FL

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