Spur Straps

Custom Leather Spur Straps

Custom Leather Spur Straps are designed for any desired style and tooling pattern. The possibilities are endless with intricate tooling and embellishments to create that perfect pair of spur straps. Also, add a signature, initials, brand, and/or graphics to the tooled leather or sterling silver conchos.

Spur Straps made to show your individuality!

If you are interested in showing your originality with the best possible quality, you are in the right place. All of my designs are constructed from high quality leather. Above all, they are constructed with state of the art dying and conditioning techniques. Also, solid sterling silver and genuine stones are used for accents when specified.

Since all of my pieces are handmade and “One of a Kind” the prices will vary, but the possibilities are limitless. Please, keep checking for new styles or email me with any questions or comments.

Intricate tooling, custom silver, exotic hide inlay, and extras you choose for your Custom Leather Spur Straps. It’s always about time and materials but the sky’s the limit!

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