If you're interested in showing your originality with "One of a Kind" items of the best
possible quality you're in the right place.  Choose from Custom Designed Leather Chaps,
Purses, Belts, Notebooks & Photo Albums, Pet Collars, Wallets, spur straps, & Home Decor
as well as custom silversmithing.   All of my designs are one of a kind originals
constructed from the best quality leathers using state of the art dying and conditioning
techniques along with solid sterling silver and genuine stones.  Since these pieces are
handmade and 'One of a Kind' prices vary but possibilities are limitless.  
Design a piece to match something you already have or fit a trophy buckle.  Add your
initials, a brand, signature, even a pet, whatever you'd like!  
Keep checking for new styles or email questions & comments.
I'd love to hear from You!   *
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Custom  Bronc Halter by Denice Langley
Seen in Western Horseman, Cowboys & Indians, Western Art and Architecture,
Performance Horse, Cowgirl Living, Cowgirl Instyle, the Cowboy Way, True West, Open Range,
Colorado Homes magazines, Phoenix Homes and Gardens, and the Quarter Horse Journal &
Quarter Horse News..  Thanx to all the editors that have seen artistic merit in what I do!
*A Few customer Testimonials*
"Wow!.... Is all I can say, I received the collars
yesterday and they are Awesome!!"         Nancy, WI
I want to thank you for the extraordinary halters and Buster's
collar.  The workmanship is far superior to any others out
there today.  The  latest Halters were a big success at our
charity auction.
Your professional attitude is rare today.           Mike, CA
"Your work belongs in Neiman Marcus rather than
the cutting pen"                                           Dick, TX
"I Love, Love, Love the purse and the chaps. "
"The Daytimer is Adorable!"
"If you like it, I'll like it"
(when asked to make a decision about a
custom item being ordered)                          
Carolyn, CA
"Denice is truly a rising star in the fields of leathercraft
and silversmithing"                                         Nihla, CO
"Can't possibly tell you how thrilled I am with
the bag you made me.  It's all I hoped for and
More!  Love the Turquoise and Silver and all the
details.  Also Love the turquoise lining, every
time I open it it's like a burst of sunshine!  Just
another of the many details that make the bag
Spectacular.  Thank you again, and again, and
again.  Your talent is a gift..                                  
Martha VT
"Wow!... The bag is PERFECT!  It has everything we
talked about and is SO Beautiful.  Thanks SO much."
Andrea, CO
" is do such great work... I
wouldn't change a thing about it and it fits just right.  
I really do..wait a minute, can guy "love" a dog
collar?  Yeah, when it's that pretty it's OK I think... I
love it.  And last... you've got to be a 'critter' person
to understand this but I wanted to try collar on
Sydney... and you wouldn't have believed her... she
was bouncing off the walls... she was so excited she
didn't know what to do and stayed that way for
about 5 minutes.  She knew that it was something
special and it was hers."                                      Tim

"I sure do enjoy ordering from you.. it's like I tell you
what I want, you ask a style and color, then I ask
what would look good... you tell me.. I say Ok.  
Doesn't get much easier than that, it's like having
your very own 'Easy Button'...
Custom Photo Album by Denice Langley
"The Bag arrived today and my wife Loves it. Thank
Don WY
"You're changing the look of the cutting pen
one pair of chaps at a time"                            
Willie CO
"You are the 'Prada of the arena"           '?' NM
" My purse came tonight and it's absolutely  
fantastic!  You've done and outstanding job.  The
craftsmanship is superb, you are a true artisan.  I
love all the personal touches and features.  You
listened to everything I wanted and created the
perfect purse for me.  Thanks.. it's a true treasure
to be able to show off my buckle on such and
outstanding purse! "                                          

"The belt you created for my dad's birthday is
"You have a gift to be able to create such unique
items that are truly one of a kind.  Thank you for
making my dad's birthday so special.. since he is a
dad that is also one of a kind.  I appreciate your
taste and talent."
"Looking forward to 'our' next
item!"                              Cindy AR
"I just wanted to thank you for all  your efforts on
Katie's scrapbook. It is absolutely beautiful and a
wonderful work of art. Your craftsmanship is
incredible. She'll treasure this always.       
"I think you do the most beautiful leather work we've
ever seen.  I have some Ortega rawhide and some
original Garcia bits that are collectibles, the quality
and craftsmanship is exceptional and I believe your
leather work is the same quality.    So I'm proud to
add these books to our collection.  Thank You!           
Chris AZ
"Got my mom's bag today and I Love it. She will probably cry when
she opens it on Christmas day and sees it with my Dad's buckle.  
Thank you so much!!!!"                                       JoAnn   IN
Custom dog harnesses by Denice Langley
"Wow, is all that I can say.  I got the chaps yesterday and
wore them around the house for 2 hours just because I
wanted to. They look Amazing!  I can't wait to wear them at
the Denver Stock Show"

"The vest is stunning, all I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow!  And
it fits perfectly, I wore it around the house with Gym shorts
for an hour and had to check myself out in the mirror every
so often.  It's the coolest thing I've ever seen! Thanks for
another Amazing job!                                    Kristen NE
" I received the chaps today and they're
even more Beautiful than I'd hoped!!!"  
Thanks a Million!!!                             Naomi  
Custom Belt by Denice Langley
Denice Langley Custom Leather Silver Tile & Glass
*The Smallest Details make the Biggest Difference*
This is a very special pair of Cutting show chaps.  They feature Turquoise from the 4 corners area in the conchos as well as the center of each of the tooled leather
flowers.   They have filigree tooling with the black accent color showing under the background of the floral area as well as under the silver spots.  There's also
metallic turquoise under the black scallops to accent the stones throughout. There is a name concho w/ turquoise on one side at the top and cutter on the other.  As
well as 2 layers of fringe, black like the accents and the tan like the legs.   They have very intricate appliques on the bottom of each leg that wind upward with
turquoise stones in the centers of each of the flowers.  Check them out on the Chaps page!
"The chaps came yesterday.  They are an absolute work
of Art, the most awesome thing I have ever owned (aside
from my dog and my horse, of course).  Two words for
them "Holy Cow".  I am completely in Awe of them and
never want to let them out of my sight again.  My family
was making fun of me because I was laying on the couch
watching TV in my new chaps!  Thank you so much
again and Wooooowwwww!                                       
Callie NM
"Creativity is Not a product of Ego, but rather a function of the Soul"
Julia Cameron
"Wow, after just returning from vacation, what a
wonderful surprise to find the gunsling was
here. It is Gorgeous and I can't wait to give it to
him!   Your craftsmanship is far above similar
items I've seen in the past."                  Sharon
Custom Handmade Western bag by Denice Langley
The *Birkley* Bag
"I just received my belt yesterday and it's Awesome! The conchos turned
out so neat. I love the copper on them. You have such a great talent as an
artist, designer and leathermaker.  Your ideas just seem endless and with
so much creativity each and every piece is so unique. All I can say is Wow,
and thanks so much for everything! You have such a wonderful
gift."                                                               Kristy  NE
"I got all the silver pieces and they are Gorgeous just as I've always
come to expect. Thank you so much! Billy is going to Love his
buckle it's exactly what I wanted. You do such excellent work and it's
always Top Quality! I am always so excited to see the final product
and so pleased to see what you've done, the workmanship, the
quality and your great sense of style and taste are always exactly
"right". Can't wait until the next project! As always thanks so
much.              Cindy AR
" Thanks for taking my dreams and making them a reality"        Jen
"OMG!"  These are the most Gorgeous Chaps Ever. I LOVE  LOVE  LOVE
them.  It's official I'm going to be the leader of your groupies!  Thank You so
much.                                                                                                     Patsy  CO
The purse came today and I LOVE it very much.  The
buckle is the prettiest thing I've ever seen!  You are
very good at what you do,  
Thanks.                                                  Phyllis  NV
"I actually own a Hermes Birkin and can say that
your Birkley bag is much nicer"              Sherry WY
Custom vases by Denice Langley
Custom Vase by Denice Langley
The "Carefree" Vase
Custom leather and silver trimmed vases by Denice Langley
Turquoise and Gold
Scottsdale Vase
Turquoise Criss Cross
"Everything has turned out beyond expectation, They're Beautiful!  
Can't wait to work on our next 'project' together.  Thanks so much!      
Carrie AZ
leather, western, custom, chaps, Denice, Langley, designer
Thank You So much for my Chaps, Vest, and
Belt. They are Perfect! They are So Beautiful
and fit Perfectly! Everyone Loved it and I
passed your website out often. Your attention
to detail is impressive and much appreciated.  
Now let's get on with more Stuff!
 Liz MO
Custom Stoneware tile by Denice Langley
"Custom Stoneware Tile"
These tile are make of high fired stoneware and are completely
durable with the LOOK of leather. Can be used outdoors or in
for kitchens, showers, hot tubs, anywhere you'd use regular tile.
They are totally custom and can feature your Brand (as shown),
initials, events, anything you'd like! Check out more of them on
the Home Decor page. Call or email for more info..  
Custom Decorator pillow w fur and turquoise by Denice Langley
Decorator Pillow
*check out the
home decor page!
"The antler arrived today and all I can say is "I'm Speachless"..  It's
so much more than I could have ever imagined and fits the room we
wanted it for Perfectly.                                                     Naomi UT
Custom stoneware tile fireplace by Denice Langley
Stoneware Tile
Fireplace back and
Hearth look like leather!

Phone: (970) 739-1118
Be sure to check the Home Decor page for custom
Stoneware Tile!
Custom Card holder wallet by Denice Langely
Custom Collars by Denice Langely
Custom Headstall and Breastcollar by Denice Langley
Headstall and matching
Breastcollar for a very Special
Beautiful, beautiful,beautiful! Lol.. I feel So Lucky.  How good is that
I can order products via email, txt and coms on FB from America,
have them shipped to the great land down under Packaged Superbly.  
I might add to be Thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship, sevice
and Love all rolled into one.  Thanx!                               Isla  Australia
"I Love them Denice!"      Melinda TX
I'm one Happy guy.  The chaps are Beautiful and fit
perfectly!                                                     Jim  NM
"You are a Very talented person"    Emily   TX
"The chaps are Magnificent! My wife says
they're the classiest she's ever
seen..                                         Sly     CA
"These chaps belong in a Museum"   Scott  AZ
Custom Ladybug and Sterling conchos by Denice Langley
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And On Etsy..  DeniceLangleyCustom
*Be sure to follow me on Instagram ..  @denicelangley and Facebook.. Denice Langley Custom Leather*
To see images that may not be on my website and current projects in the works!
Custom Collars by Denice Langley
Hey Denice:  Received the collar today.  It is MAGNIFICENT.  
You are truly an artist with such an attention to detail.  I can
hardly wait to show it off.  Jada and I both feel very special to
have a piece of your work.                               Pam   CANADA
Spiny Oyster
Cross Ring w
Engraved Sterling
Silver and 14k
Custom Bag by Denice Langley
Custom Engraved Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, and Turquoise pendant by Denice Langley
*Angel Fish*
Sterling Silver, 14k Gold &
Turquoise pendant
"Thanx for making the chaps of my Dreams..  They are
Beautiful and must be Magic because wearing them at the
first show I was Reserve Champion in a class of 66 horses!
The quality is over the top...  Love them.          Wendy AZ
Custom Headstall w Glass cabochon silver by Denice Langely
Custom He loves me earrings and hoops by Denice Langley
"He Loves Me...." earrings
and Art Deco Hoops..
Custom Trophy Buckle Album by Denice Langley
Trophy Buckle Album
Custom engraved silver and turquoise bracelet by Denice Langley
Custom Turquoise and Silver Horn Cap
*be sure to check out the Silver page*
Dragonfly Concho Belt
Check out the Silver page and the Belts
and Collars page to see more!
*Ultimate Slip Leash/Collar Combo*
Fits every dog (or pet) in an instant and has that
Super High end look and feel that you've come to
expect from my work. Check out more on the
Collar and Belt page.
Custom Inlay technique Chaps