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These sandals are completely custom made to order.  They have arch support
and feature a cloud crepe midsole for all day comfort.  These will be the first
custom designed 'one of a kind' sandals on the market that you'll actually Want to
wear the second day in a row after walking all day.  

At last you can match a custom handbag, belt and sandals that are unique and
totally hand crafted one at a time to your personal specifications.  The silver
options are also limited only by 'our' imaginations!
(970) 564-5184 Cell (970) 739-1118 or  Email:

*Custom Molded Cork Sandals*
These sandals are literally molded to your feet but require a trip to my shop to customize.  Any style top can be put with
them so they offer limitless possibilities.  If you have 'issues' with your feet but want a beautiful custom sandal at last it can
be done.  They can match a bag and belt or be versatile for everyday.
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This is a
sandal made
to match a
The "Barefoot Sandal Series"
This sandal was created on a custom molded cork footbed
(that is molded to your individual feet) for maximum
comfort and support but offers a minimal design to help
eliminate tan lines for other sandals.  They are a great
'everyday' alternative to the fancier styles that exercise
your legs and your flatter feet.
There is also another option
where sandals are concerned.  
You can have a pair of your
favorite style sandals
customized with sterling
conchos and buckles.  
Anything's possible!
Sandals to
match a very
Vuitton purse
Mens Custom Molded
footbed Sandal
Toe Concho
Sandals to match
the "Sunflower"
The "It Sandal"
This sandal was designed to go with
the "It Bag" featured on the home page and the
Purse page.   It has the same Toffee colored
leather as the purse along with tooled trim that
has a navy accent stripe, light cream colored
accent leather under the spots, and what I call
'Blonde Brindle' Hair On Hide.
These sandals have the coolest heat molded cork
footbed that is individually shaped to your
specific foot, however, that kind of "custom"
does require a trip to my shop.  Don't worry
though, we can do a wonderful pair without
going to that extreme.  I can put arch support
and implement all your measurements to make
them as comfortable as possible using either the
cork or cloudcrepe midsoles.  .
Give me a Call or email with any questions
(970) 739-1118
Custom Sandals
made for YOUR foot
that are as beautiful
as they are
Imagine That!
"It Slides"
Have a molded
cork footbed.  
Like a Great
slipper and they
match the
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Are custom designed boot tops that can fit over any style boot or even shoes and turn them into a
boot look.  They can have any type trim you'd like with tooling options, fringe, hair on hide, custom
silver and silver spots. Again, the sky's the limit!
"Mini Uff's"
Feature a shorter style that allow you to
fold the top of the boot over
2 Different styles of "Uff's" featuring Lynx fur.  
How Cool to be able to 'dress up' your favorite boots or shoes with the "Aspen" look anytime you want!
"RockStar "Uff's"
----This is the Crystal Fox and Suede Handbag to Match the Wrap and "Uff's"----
*Now accepting Visa, MC, Discover, and Paypal*
Racoon and Lynx
These Uff's are raccon fur with
Lynx fur at the top.  There's also
a band of tooled leather but it's
hard to see because the fur is
So long! Truly Apres' ski wear.
These are On hand in my shop.
Email or call or details..
Navy Cowhide  and Lynx
These are on hand in my shop.  
Email or call for details