*These handbags have limitless possibilities*
Many styles can be designed to accommodate a special trophy buckle or become concealed carry.  Buckles can also be
designed that suit your event or personal interests.  Choose from Double rows of fringe  or Tipped fringe, Hair On hide,
Silver Spots (as many or as few as you like), Conchos with virtually anything you can think of (names, brands, initials, pet
breeds, signatures, etc.), Buckles as fancy or plain as you'd like, and an unlimited range of stone possibilities.
The designs you see are only some of what I've done so far, yours can be any variation of these or even something
completely different.  Let's design one together that NOBODY else will  have one like.
(970) 739-1118 or  Email:
Click the
below to
see larger
Custom Shearling bag w custom silver by Denice Langley
Custom Briefcase with name and oakleaf design
Cutsom Trophy Buckle bag and matching spur straps by Denice Langley
Custom Trophy Buckle bag fully tooled w filigree corners
Custom Bag w personalzation
Custom Butterfly front attachment for bag by Denice Langley
Custom fully tooled Western bag by Denice Langley
Custom Trophy Buckle bag by Denice Langley
Custom Trophy buckle bag by Denice Langley
Tori Briefcase
The "Finalist"
The "Finalist"
is a bag designed for the NCHA futurity.  It features 2 accent colors, Dk Green
& Brick Red,  Silver spots, a Sterling concho & buckles w/ Garnet stones and
tipped fringe.  The back has a special "ticket pocket" so those expensive finals
tickets won't be lost and are hidden from view at the same time.
Custom western bag with sunflower tooling and large custom buckle
Custom Briefcase w name
The "Sunflower" Bag
The "Maynerd Bag"
This bag features openings
that allow for an
interchangeable scarf that
can transform the look to
match any color scheme.
This bag also has a custom
initial logo on the front and
tooled handle. Any tooling
and silver options also still
apply. This one is intended
not to be as "western".
The "Black & Blue Bag"
This bag features 3 thick rows of
hand cut fringe on the front, 2 rows
of Black and a row of Navy between
them.  There is also basketweave
tooling and a border edge of navy trim
on all the tooled areas.  The back has 2
roomy pockets perfect for a cell phone,
change or whatever you need quick access
to.  The sterling silver buckle and conchos
have blue spinel stones to match the navy
accents and a touch of gold to give it a more
sophisticated look.  This isn't your average Black bag.  It goes from the arena to the most elegant
meeting with style, or throw on those Biker Boots and hit the road!  
The inside is lined with black pigskin and has roomy zipper pockets, lipstick holders, and velcro on
the ends for eyeglass holders or whatever you'd like.
Custom Trophy Buckle bag by Denice Langley Doctor style
Custom trophy buckle bag w scarf option
Custom It Bag by Denice Langley w silver
"Sunflower It Bag"
*Back View*
Custom larger It Bag style with custom silver
"Debbie's It Bag"
Original "It Bag"
Custom Trophy Buckle bag
Mary Jo
Custom Sidekick bag wtih custom silver buckles
The "Sidekick" Bag
How Cool is this Bag?   It's
called the Sidekick bag because
of the detailing on the sides,
naturally.  And also because a
Great handbag really is the
ultimate "Sidekick".  
This bag is made of very rich
cream colored cowhide with
Navy as the accent color under
the spots and lining the top
edge.  The tooled areas are a
nice mahogany rust finish with
just a touch of darker brown for
tone.  It is lined with the same
cream colored pigskin, featuring
the usual lipstick holders,
zipper pocket and velcro to
position eyeglass holders etc.
anywhere they work best.
The front and sides offer
Custom Sterling Silver work
that can be initials, or whatever
you'd like.
The back has a large flat pocket
for the stuff you need handy at
a instant and will hold even the
largest Smartphone or small
device.  However pockets can
be sized to fit your individual
Lime Green Dr Bag
with floral top and
navy accents.
Custom Fringe bag with Turquoise and silver
Custom 2Cool bag with silver spots and hand engraved silver details
Custom 2Cool bag inside detail
The "2 Cool" Bag
This bag is called the "2 Cool" bag because of it's 2 different handles.  It can be carried as a handbag by the 2 side handles and the top handle hangs down to the
back or front making a decorative strap.  Or it can be carried by the top handle as a shoulder bag.  A Very convenient style to have both in One bag!  It was
inspired by the Hermes Lindy, a very popular and very expensive bag that starts at $6,000!  Mine is considerably less but with a Lot more "Bling".  The leather is a
soft pebbled cream color that can go with any season (but as always, it can be ANY color), and has the navy accents under the rich brown tones of the tooled
areas.  The silver is all custom solid sterling that can feature anything as well.  Or even stones such as turquoise, spinel, rubies, etc..  You could also have a brand
or initials, anything you'd like to personalize it to your taste.  The inside has a zipperpocket at each end and velcro to attach eyeglass holders or whatever you'd
like. This too can be customized.
Call or email any questions! Denice@deniclangley.com (970) 739-1118
Custom It Bag w custom silver by Denice Langley
"Carol's It Bag"
This bag features a tooling pattern
that was already on a brief case the
customer had and wanted to tie the
2 together.  It has dark navy under
the background filigree of the
tooling and under the silver spots.  A
custom sterling front buckle with her
initials and tip, and the blond brindle
cowhide in the front panel.  Inside
there's an eyeglass holder and cell
phone holder as well as a zipper
pocket.  It also has lined handles for
Custom Birkley bag inside detail showing turquoise pigskin lining
The *Birkley* Bag
This bag is loosely based on the Hermes
Birkin but is SO much more!  With
genuine Turquoise on the front straps and
a subtle detail of turquoise metallic leather
under the black with the silver spots it's
truly One of a Kind.
All the silver is hand engraved solid sterling
and the front features genuine black
crocodile.  It goes with the black vest that
will be shown at the Cody High Style
fashion show.  Oh, there's also the coolest
bright turquoise leather lining.  (Notice
how wide it opens for easy access)  
I'm going to need one of these Myself!
Custom Vest and Belt that match the Birkley bag w silver and turquoise details
Custom small cross body bag with custom silver and filigree tooling
Custom Trophy Buckle bag w 2 buckle design and scarf option
Pretty much sums things up! : )
The "Hands Free" bag
Custom Birkley w trophy buckle front and custom silver
The *MJ Birkley* is the Birkley style
re-designed to accomodate a trophy buckle. It
has floral tooling with filigree and a light tan
accent color, silver spots, and custom sterling
silver front handle attachments with wild horse
turquoise. As well as a solid sterling piece of
top trim that features Mary Jo's name in the
engraving.  Her initials are also in the form of a
monogram in the engraving on the back handle
attachments. A nice subtle touch, I must say!
the *MJ Birkley*
Custom cardholder wallet w metallic floral design
Custom Angel bag w scarf option and tooled corners by Denice Langley
The "Angel" bag
The options are
limitless.  Even
a 'belt' can be
made for this
Custom bag with large custom buckle featuring Garnets and hand engraving by Denice Langley
The "Garnet Bag"
This bag is made of soft dark brown
leather and has an accent color of light
tan or cream. The tooled area has
basketweave and a floral design with
filigreed background.  Each of the
flowers in the floral area have a Garnet
set in sterling silver as the center.  
There are also garnets on the custom
front buckle and the front conchos.  
The inside is lined with a light tan very
soft leather lining and has a zipper
pocket w/ the name and number.
Custom bag w hand engraved silver and turquoise by Denice Langley
Custom 2Cool bag with Whippet design silver and lots of Spots
*Jen's 2 Cool bag*
This is a very special 2 Cool bag for a very special friend.  Jen has
whippets, like I do, and has been such a fabulous friend through
some very tough times with mine and my mom's pups.  Once in a
while a person comes along that changes your life and Jen is one of
those people.  Thanx Jen, just for being "You"..  : )
Now about the bag...  This bag is a smaller version of the very popular
2 Cool bag that is loosely based on the Hermes Lindy bag.  It still has
plenty of room but is narrower and a bit shorter.  This bag has wild
roses in the tooled area to match Jen's chaps as well as dk green and
brick red as accent colors.  Lots of silver spots and on the custom
sterling silver conchos that hold the straps there are 4 different
whippets.  Each one represents one of Jens dogs, Lacey, Carlisle,
Lark, and Imp.   She also had a very special "Katie" that is
represented in the paw print conchos on the pocket flaps.  The bag
also has the double handle style that can be a handbag carried on the
arm or as a shoulder bag carried on the shoulder.
If you have questions email: denice@denicelangley.com
*Now accepting Visa, MC, Discover, and Paypal*
*Now Accepting
Visa, MC,
Discover, and
Custom trophy buckle bag with Croc and scarf option by Denice Langley
Custom shoulder bag and matching belt by Denice Langley
The "Amy" Bag and matching Belt
Custom Small 'Taco' bag with skulls and silver details
The "Rockstar Taco" Bag
Taco because of the shape, Rockstar because of the
cool skulls w/ cowboy hats!
Custom saddle inspired Birkley w hand engraved silver details
Custom Birkley Bag w genuine Croc and Turquoise
Visa, MC,  Discover, AmEx and PayPal accepted!
Turquoise "Birkley Bag"
My Super Cute model, Shae, is holding one of my "Birkley" bags that gives and idea of some of the ways any of these bags can be Customized.  Any color options are possible
as well as personalization.  You can have your initials, name, brand, even signature tooled into the leather or added to the silver.  Also many different options for stones give
limitless possibilities.  Finally you can have a bag designed just for YOU.  Truly a 'One of a Kind' that nobody else will ever one exactly like!  And isn't that what we all want?  
Something special that is just our own and reflects our personal taste and design style...   
Custom Western Bags by Denice Langley
Custom All About the Silver bag by Denice Langley
Custom CoCo Bag with custom silver and Turquoise
The "Coco Bag"
Custom 2 Cool bag w genuine Croc and silver details
Xlg Trophy
Buckle Bag
This bag has a
zipper closure
at the top and
custom cell
phone holder
inside. It
measures 15" x
12 "x 5"
At last you can design the Perfect bag for you!
All it takes is a phone call or email and between the 2
of us we can create a Beautiful, One of a Kind
original handbag that nobody else will have anything
like.  Feel free to combine any of the components of
the bags you see here or offer suggestions for a bag
that's never been done.  Since I do all the leather and
silver work myself as well as making the patterns,
Anythings possible!
Exotics, Custom Silver, Turquoise, Stones, Crystals,
Tooling patterns and Floral designs, different colored
soft leather linings,   Custom Closures. Pricing starts
at around $650 and goes up with silver spots or
extreme detail (added time) or custom silver and
exotic hide etc. (added materials).  
email: denice@denicelangley.com
or call: (970) 739-1118
The "Kaliegh bag"
Custom JoAnn bag with genuine Croc and side pockets
*the JoAnn Bag*
This black on black bag has genuine
Crocodile and Sterling Silver.
Custom It bag w trophy buckle option and turquoise
*the L L It Bag*
This It bag features
the Trophy Buckle
front and a zipper
pocket back.
It's also Larger!
Custom Trophy Buckle bag w scarf option
Custom cardholder wallet w silver and turquoise
Custom cardholder wallet w floral design and turquoise flower center
Custom tassels
Custom Sidekick bag with custom silver and turquoise
*Gail's Sidekick*
This version of the Sidekick is a
very special Turquoise and
Sterling one with genuine
Bluebird Turquoise from the 4
corners area.   It has a flat pocket
in back to carry your cell or small
device and a zipper pocket
inside.  The inside is lined with
bright turquoise pigskin for a soft
feel and 'easy to find things'
Happy Anniversary Gail!
*Fringe Bucket Bag*
This bag is a basic bucket style with
fringe that is tipped.  Silver spots and
custom silver conchos featuring Green
Onyx. A great bag to carry
Custom cardholder for Sly Stallone w the Expendables Raven
Custom sunflower tooling design
Custom Birkley bag wtih trophy buckle option and matching belt
Custom Birkley bag with trophy buckle option
< The "Rivers Birkley Bag"
This is a Birkley bag design
that is styled for a trophy
buckle (pic on left) but also
has a custom faux buckle
overlay that can be attached
with a piece of Wild Horse
turquoise. There's also a
matching belt with the names
of a few very special 'kids'.. : )
Custom shoulder bag w lots of intricate tooling and silver w turquoise details
Custom trophy buckle bag style w turquoise and silver conchos
The *Robin* bag
The *Ferreh* Bag
This bag was for a very special
customer that collected gift
certificates from her christmases
and then decided to order a custom
bag after several years of
collecting.  Her name is on the front
in sterling silver and turquoise.  
There's lots of floral tooling and
some very cool use of  turquoise as
an accent as well as on the front
piece of silver.
Thanx to Ferreh for being so loyal!
Custom concealed carry bag w hidden pocket
Custom silver detail w genuine fire agate, Turquoise, and Croc
*Dixie's Concealed Carry bag*
This is a very extravagant bag
designed to conceal a small
handgun.  It shows that sometimes
things can be tucked away in some
surprising places!
The Fleur dis Lis shapes are
genuine Crocodile with silver spots.
The tooling features feathers that
have just a hint of silver. And the
custom silver features Fire Agate
and genuine Turquoise.  Nice!
Dixies father in law collected the
Fire Agate and it's Perfect!
Custom Naomi bag by Denice Langley
Custom bag with trophy buckle front
Velda's Bag
Custom backpack bag with colorful flowers and silver and turquoise concho
Custom backpack bag with colorful flowers and custom silver with turquoise
*Vicki's Bag*
It's a Backpack style with Class!
Custom CoCo bag with genuine Croc and hand engraved silver and turquoise
* Custom Coco bag*
Custom CoCo bag to highlight vintage buckle
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To see things that may not be on the website and current
projects in the works!
zSennur's Lime Green bag
w a "Big Ass Pug Buckle"
Custom bag w hair on hide, custom silver and turquoise by Denice Langley
Robin's 2nd Bag
Custom bag with hair on hide, custom silver and turquoise
Custom trophy buckle bag w trees and tassel
*Linda's XL Trophy bag*
This one features Pine Trees
in the tooled area which are
special to Linda.. : )
Custom Bucket bag with Silver concho and matching wallet
*Drawstring Bucket Bag*
This is an awesome style I couldn't
wait to do.  It's inspired by the
Dooney bucket and I just love it with
some custom sterling silver details
and a little western tooling.
You can never have too many
Roses!  Checkbook wallet to match
and it's good to go!
email to order yours or with questions
(970) 739-1118
Custom Tote for tablet computer w concho and tassel detail
The Liz Tote
Custom trophy buckle bag with initials and floral tooling
*Javonne bag*
Custom Clutch by Denice Langley
*Patricia Clutch*
This bag is a great size to carry when
you don't want to take the big bag.
Can be any style of tooling or trim.
Custom Inlay bag with silver spots and soft pebbled Cowhide
Custom Inlay design bag w graphic tooling and silver spots
Custom 'Inlay Bag'
This bag is on hand in
my shop. Email or call
for details!
970 739-1118
Custom Trophy Buckle Bag by Denice Langley
Debbie's Trophy Buckle Bag
Nothing like a little
Color to draw
attention to that
Special Trophy
Email for details