Have you ever wanted to learn some..

Mad Skills?
Being self taught at most of what I do is a good thing in a lot of ways because
it's taught me how to be resourceful and what techniques or tools I couldn't
find information about I've learned to make or do for myself.  However, there
have been countless times I've thought of how much time it could have saved
to have someone that could show me some of tricks and ways to accomplish
things without spending weeks or months trying to figure it all out for myself.  
Not to mention the money wasted in materials.

After being approached many times online about whether or not I'd be willing
to share some my skills and techniques it's something that seems like a
logical way to possibly help others jump start their dream.

It's not my intention to have anyone think Any of what I do is 'easy' or that if
you come here you'll just be an accomplished artist in a few days but I know
for a fact that if someone is willing to put the time in and work hard at their
goal it can be attainable.  It can be a great supplement to an existing job or
career or can, if you're extremely driven, become the career you've always
wanted like it is for me.  My dogs go to work with me everyday, my horse is
right outside and my commute is a walk across the driveway to my barn. : )  
Of course this has been a 'lifestyle' choice for me and you can rest assured I'll
never be 'rich' but Happy is another story.

What I've decided to do is try setting up a sort of learning opportunity where
you can contact me with whatever project type you'd like to learn to do and
then you can come here to my shop and spend as many days as you'd like
learning to do 'That project'.  For example if you want to learn to make chaps I
can show you many of the things that make my chaps special and how to
create something that is truly superior quality.  And we'll make a pair of Chaps
that you design. Naturally everyone has a different design style and you can
bring sketches or ideas and I can help you learn to execute them.  Over the
years there have been countless things asked of me that seemed, in the
moment, to be impossible.  But being so driven and motivated taught me to
almost never say 'No' to any project and where there's a strong Will there's
always a Way...   My goal has been to learn that way.  So far it's worked in
everything from my Leather work to stoneware tile and silver work etc..

I do Not by any means claim to be the end all authority on Anything as some
may. But my design style and ability to add polish to my projects has become
my signature and I am willing to help others learn to find 'their design style' as
well as add polish to their projects that can set them apart.

It would be possible for one or two students at a time to work very closely
with me in my shop and have a very hands on learning experience that might
help take your current skills to higher level or give you the beginning skills to
start a journey of learning that can take you anywhere.  The one thing I always
say is that I never know what will be Next and it's so true.  What started as a
nicer pair of chaps for myself to show my cutting horses in has turned into a
career that encompasses more than would ever have seemed possible.  
From Leather to Silver to Stoneware Tile and Enamelling.  There are also
many coloring and dying techniques.  You can see many examples of what's
possible as you cruise my website and there are many more than aren't even
on here!  And I do my own Website to boot!

If there's one thing that's for sure it's that the more you Know about anything
the more you want to know...  it's a never ending process that opens your
Mind, your Creativity, and your Ability.

If you think it might be something you'd like to know more about contact me
via email (denice@denicelangley.com)  and I'll be happy to discuss what you
would like to learn and whether or not I might be able to offer a way to help
you in that process.  

However, if you are someone that simply wants to imitate another's work I'm
probably not the best choice to do that to.  People tell me constantly that it's
nuts to put the amount of time and effort into my pieces that I do.. so, just a
warning..   And I'm not inclined to want to help someone be 'Me' but would
love to help you learn to execute being 'You'.  : )

Denice Langley

PS..   I'm also always willing to offer references that have learned from me in the past...