Custom ceramic vases with leather, silver and turquoise trim by Denice Langley
*Custom Designed Decorator Vases*                                    
These vases are each "One of a Kind" originals and can have pretty much any of the options you see on other items on the
website.  Floral tooling, Filigree, Cut outs, Silver Spots, Custom Sterling Silver conchos (with stones, initials, brands, events,
pets, etc.).  They can incorporate any colors to match the rest of your home.  They are a true reflection of ones individuality
limited only by your imagination and mine.  If you can think of it I can most likely come up with a way to make it work.  
Email me with questions or ideas.
or call:  (970) 739-1118
Custom Black vases with silver and turquoise and leather trim by Denice Langley
*Double click images to see
Carefree Vase by Denice Langley
The "Carefree Vase"
Custom trophy buckle frame by Denice Langley
Custom cabinet door trim by Denice Langley
Cabinet front
This cabinet front
style has the border
w a black accent
stripe,  stitching,
small silver
conchos.  And the
overlay pieces that
are scroll designs
with a darker
stitching accents
and silver spots
The cabinet is oak
with the natural
grain of the wood
Custom Picture Frames with
Leather and Silver trim
These frames can have any of
the styles you see anywhere
else on the site.  They have
intricate tooled designs, silver
spots, custom conchos,
accent color trim to match
your decor and all kinds of
Custom basketweave stoneware tile by Denice Langley
*Custom Stoneware Tiles that look like Leather*
These tiles are hand made from stoneware clay and are as durable as any tile you can buy or order.  They just look exactly
like my leather work!  They can go in a shower, kitchen back splash, on the floor, or even around a fireplace!  There is no limit
to the designs I can do or the possibilities. Imagine them framing the view around a large picture window!
Call or email and we can design something for your home that will truly reflect your personal style and be completely original.
You could even match a favorite saddle tooling pattern!!

*And I'm the ONLY known Artist that can make them! How Cool is THAT?!*
Custom chandelier with leather and turquoise trim by Denice Langley
*Fabulous Western "Chaps" Chandelier*

This beautiful chandelier was inspired by a pair of chaps from my website and
designed by Carrie Schuler of Schuler and Stone Interior design.  It features rustic
metal work to offset the extravagant leather and sterling silver trim (done by me,
of course).  The bottom of the chandelier has a wonderful filigree design that
allows the light  to show the through and every detail is meticulously done.  
Way to Go Carrie and what a fun project this has been to be a part of!
For more details email
or call
(970) 739-1118 cell  
*Pub Table and matching Chairs*
This table is a collaboration with local woodworking artist Craig Borders.  
It features knotty Alder as the wood with a hand rubbed stain.  
The leather is by "Me" with silver spots and filigree style tooling to enhance and show the
beautiful wood underneath.  The table top has my handmade stoneware tile in a wonderful
floral design to match the tooled leather on the backs of the chairs.  
Call or email for details.  or  (970) 739-1118
Custom Frame by Denice Langley
Custom leather cabinet trim by Denice Langley
Custom Stoneware leather look tile by Denice Langley
Custom stoneware tile w diagonal design by Denice Langley
Custom Tile after
These tile featured 3 different
floral patterns and were glazed
to match the rope border tile at
the top edge.  These tile are
durable enough for use virtually
anywhere.  Kitchen and Bath as
shown, showers, hot tub
displays, walk ways, floors,
indoors and Out!
Very nice finished project.
Thanx Berva, for sharing!!
Custom red leather boxes by Denice Langley
Custom hand braided rope with silver and turquoise trim by Denice Langley
These "Small Red Boxes" are custom made to sit on a
Vanity and hold make up brushes etc.  They sit under
a Fabulous hair on hide framed mirror.  Love the
color and it just shows Leather work can be Anything!
Approx 14"Tall
Hand Braided Rope
by Orly Valencia
trimmed with custom
Sterling Silver and
Turquoise by Me!
This rope hangs
around the neck of a
very large vase that
sits on the floor.
Custom tile by Denice Langley
Custom Croc tile by Denice Langley
Custom image tile by Denice Langley
Custom stoneware tile, leahter, and silver wall hanging by Denice Langley
Custom decorator pillow with fur, turquoise and silver by Denice Langley
Custom Decorator Pillow
This fabulous decorator pillow was a custom order with just the input that it needed to be a "focal
point" on the couch of a Beautiful coach featuring a black leather and stainless steel interior.
It is light tan Italian Cowhide with Badger and Racoon fur trim not to mention the amazing Kingman
turquoise from Gallup NM.  The tooling pattern has feathers tooled into a scroll pattern for my
special friends that are truly 'feathers' that blow with the wind, traveling to follow the seasons they
love and enjoy the scenery as well great friends and wonderful settings.  What an Incredible Life!
*Window Sill Tile*
These custom made stoneware tile are a perfect
"frame" for wonderful picture windows.  They are
a tooled leather pattern with a green background
to match the decor in the kitchen and have a white
border on each side to match as well.  The actual
relief tooled pattern area is left the natural color of
the stoneware which is very close to the color of
natural leather.  What a Great addition to any
room with windows you'd like to "frame".
Custom leather trimmed antler with matching candle by Denice Langley
*Deer Antler and matching Candle*
This Deer Antler and Candle feature and intricately tooled basketweave
pattern, Silver Spots (naturally), and beautiful Kingman Turquoise.  
The candle holders are sterling silver.  Any style of antler can be done
and many matching candles can make a bold and elegant statement in
any room or as a center piece on your table.
Custom leather and turquoise trimmed moose antler by Denice Langley
*Custom Moose Antler*
This custom trimmed Moose Antler is one of my all time Favorite projects.  It was created for a very special customer that already has a few of my
pieces in their home.  She wanted something that would continue to bridge a gap between the whole "lodge" look and the typical "western" style
that everyone expects.  Some discreet pops of color with the beautiful Kingman Turquoise and then a very subtle hint of green in the oakleaves are
also an elegant and very personal touch.  Lots of silver spots, and an antler that sits perfectly on its own make this a truly destine design.  It was
one of those things that sort of determined itself. Creativity is SO cool when it speaks the way this project did and is appreciated..   Thanx Naomi!
Custom stoneware tile fireplace and hearth by Denice Langley
Custom Fireplace
This hearth and fireplace back are matching stoneware tile
that have a floral design.  The background is a dark green
glaze to accent the green carpet.  There are also alabaster
crocodile textured tiles around the outer edges.
These tile can be any tooling pattern and colors as well as
personalized with initials or a brand etc..  Give me a call or
email to discuss possibilities.
Custom window sill tile by Denice Langley
Custom Stoneware tile make the perfect
'frame' around an elegant picture window!
Montana mountain scene mural by Denice Langley
This Mural is done entirely out of hand cut custom glazed and fired stoneware tile.  It's an image to depict a ranch setting in Montana
and was designed from a composite of different images that the family love.  It resides over a range in a Very Beautiful custom kitchen
in Fishers Indiana.  There is also a Wonderful natural stone surround done using river rock.  The tile around the border are an Oakleaf
design to match one of their saddles.  It is the focal point in a Stunning and Beautiful room!   Call or email questions.  
*Custom StonewareTile Mural*
Sleepless night vase collection by Denice Langley
*The Sleepless Night Collection*
This is called the Sleepless Night
collection because that seems to be
when most of my 'inspiration'
happens.  There were many nights
spent thinking of ways to decorate
and design these pieces.
The large vase (30+" tall)I call
"Max" because I tried to 'Max Out'
my capabilities and use as many
techniques as possible to make it a
combination of Old (native
techniques)and New (my own style
and self taught techniques). It also
has an Antler Tree  that was
designed to be reminiscent of a lone
tree standing in an open space.
The oval vase I call Kharma
features a showcase of silver
engraving and leather tooling as well
as Native inlay and bead use.
The third I call Flow. It has
genuine Crocodile hide insets and a
hand braided rope by Orly Valencia
that I added some silver trim and a
tassle to.  Guess the tassle and Croc
combination remind me of water...
They're all fully glazed inside and
each have a different black finish to
add interest.
*This Collection is Available*
Sleepless night vase collection by Denice Langley
Karma Vase by Denice Langley
* Back Detail of Sleepless Night Vases*
*Top and Side detail of Kharma*
The Gate Stoneware mural by Denice Langley
The Gate Stoneware tile mural by Denice Langley
*The Gate Mural*
This large (40"x 53") stoneware tile mural is a Very Special and moving
project that was done by my mom and I from a picture I took years ago of
my 2 precious girls waiting for me while I was riding from the area gate.  
They waited like this every day. So glad I took the photo. Robin was a
rescued greyhound and Jet was my first whippet and true soul mate.
They're gone now and though I've always loved the image it didn't occur to
me at the time how profound it would become. It has always reminded me of
all the wonderful friends that wait on the other side of "the gate".
The tiles are all made by hand including the ones around the edge that are
the tooled leather style.  The faces are a single piece of stoneware hand
glazed by me to 'be' each pup.  
This concept can be done to suit any animal using any gate or doorway so
it can be a very lasting image of any special horse, dog, or whoever you'd
like. I do this from photos so the murals can literally bring them back to life
and can be put anywhere permanently or in a frame as it is here. The frame
was done by another family member, Andy Spruell, making it a labor of love
to all of us. Call or email if you have questions.
My friend and fellow artist Kit Carson said it best when he said
"You have to know your medium well enough to express your
Heart to create Art."
Custom Stoneware fireplace tile by Denice Langley
Custom stoneware tile behind range by Denice Langley
Custom stoneware tile with silver and turquoise by Denice Langley
Custom tile backsplash Croc by Denice Langley
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To see things that may not be on the website and current projects in the works!
Custom Croc backsplash by Denice Langley
Custom Crocodile Backsplashes
Custom tile as agility awards by Denice Langley
These are custom
designed tile that will be
used as Awards for an
Agility trial.  They'll be
given to the high point
dogs in each division of a
3 day weekend trial.  So
much nicer than the usual
ribbons and can still be
hung with all their other
awards on a "wall of
fame"..  : )
Custom Stoneware tile with Turquoise accents by Denice Langley
Custom stoneware tile vignette with turquoise trim by Denice Langley
*Tile Vignette*
This is a tile vignette that will be the top of a custom table by
Dan MacPhail.  The base will feature his famous antler detail.
The center stone is gem grade Turquoise that is set in an
engraved fine silver bezel.  Can't wait to see it finished!
Custom leather portrait w frame by Denice Langley