How to Measure

How to measure for your custom Belt

Measuring for a Belt

To measure for your custom belt take a belt that you are comfortable wearing now and, if you can, make sure the buckle that you’ll use on your new belt is on it. Then measure from the fold where the buckle sits (right arrow) to the hole that your wear it in comfortably (left arrow). This lets me adjust the length of the fold over piece that holds the buckle as well as the “tail” that extends beyond the buckle. Easy as That!

How to measure for your custom Chaps

  1. Waist, just under belt
  2. Length, Belt to Floor
  3. Thigh, widest point
  4. Thigh, middle
  5. Thigh, above knee
  6. Calf, under knee
  7. Inseam

Measurements should be over jeans w/boots if possible.