Sterling Silver concho for the front of a
custom Daytimer featuring a very nice
piece of genuine Lapis Lazuli
*Ponytail Ornaments*
*Chaps silver w/onyx*
This pair of chaps have
tipped fringe with silver
spots on each piece of
fringe as well as custom
concho's that feature a floral
overlay that matches the
flower tooled in the top
yoke.   In addition there are
bezel set Lapis Lazuli stones
in each concho that match
the fringe.  They also have
filigree cut outs around the
floral areas in the tooling
that have a navy
Email me at or
cell (970) 739-1118
"Mom's Day" Buckle
w/ Whippet, Green Onyx & Garnets
Initials engraved
into conchos
*Headstall Silver*
These are solid sterling silver buckles and
conchos for a custom headstall featuring
Turquoise from our 4 corners area
Event Collars
for a Herding dog, Wyatt and an Agility
dog, Macy
Custom Sterling Silver for 2 gun slings
featuring Elk Ivory conchos and the gun's
"names" There are also initials in the
engraving pattern of the larger conchos
"Wild Horse"
Turquoise from
the Gallup NM
area on engraved
sterling silver
Sterling Silver front Concho
on a wallet for an avid Elk Hunter,
my brother, Duane
This is a Sterling Silver Buckle
for the front of a purse featuring a
Heart w/ Wings logo and initials
along with Lapis Lazuli stones.  The
purse was made for Anjelica
Huston the actress.
Spur Straps featuring Sterling Silver
Buckles w/a Name, Brand, and genuine Green Onyx
This buckle, pendant, &
earrings were my first
silver "projects"
Custom "Harley Davidson" Conchos
and initial Bar for Chaps
Sterling Silver engraved
earrings w/ genuine Lapis
and Garnet stones
Custom front buckle for
"Debbie's It Bag"
Turquoise and
Sterling Silver
conchos made for a
Custom saddle.  
I didn't make the
Saddle but putting
my custom conchos
on it sure makes it
Custom Sterling and Turquoise
Name plates for 2 Harnesses
Custom Chaps Silver
These sterling silver
feature gold trim and
"Wild Horse"
Turquoise.  They're
a very special
addition to
personalize a pair
of custom Chaps.
(notice the bird dog
& pheasant)
Center Concho
Breast Collar
Jen's Whippet Belt
A very special belt to honor some special friends past and present.  This belt has custom silver with her pup's names as well
as a custom buckle with 2 whippets and a paw print, also garnets to match her custom chaps.  Dk Green and Red accents.
*Now accepting Visa, MC, Discover, and Paypal*
*Now accepting Visa, MC, Discover, Am Ex and Paypal*
Spur strap buckles and Collar
Curve Neck Collar
w/ Turquoise Concho
Rose Neck Collar
w/ picture Jasper
Curve Neck Collar
w/ Large Turquoise Stone
Custom Silver for Vic's Belt
The silver to the right was all custom done for a
famous Archer that holds many world records in
the sport.  He wanted conchos that would look
like arrowheads without resembling a 'fish'.  So he
sent me an actual arrowhead to use for shape.  
The conchos you see are the result of that.  I
shaped them literally from the actual arrowhead
he provided and then added the 'Big 5' safari
animals that he has taken on his many hunts all
over the world.  He also wanted to use copper
rather than to have the gold look that is generally
expected on custom work like this.  His ideas
combined with mine made his belt a very special
and very personal piece that he can be proud of.
"Dog Tag"
"Steel Horse" Concho
The Chrome Cowboy collection is a cool idea for the
motorcycle customer that likes something truly unique
Turtle named "Jo" conchos
Custom Sterling Silver with
Turquoise for a breastcollar
for a Very Special Picasso
*Custom Enamel Brooch set*
These pieces feature custom
made enamel cloisonne
pieces by Me along with 14k
gold bezels and rope trim.  
Naturally it's all set on hand
engraved sterling silver also
by Me.  Love the possibilities
that come with doing the
enamel work.  Color, shape,
you name it!
Call or email for more info
*Custom Daisy and Ladybug Conchos*
This custom silver work was done for a pair of chinks for a 12 yr old girl.  Her mom wanted
me to try to incorporate "Ladybugs" somehow.  Love the way they turned out and that they
feature custom enamel work (glass fused to fine silver) for the random ladybugs.  There's a
whole opening with this option never seen before especially combined with custom
Email for more info or to talk about your personal ideas..
Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli
These are 2 conchos for the back of
custom chaps and a matching pendant to
wear in the showring.  Good Luck!
*Be sure to follow me on Instagram.. @denicelangley and
Facebook.. Denice Langley Custom Leather*
To see things that may not be on the website and also current projects in the Works!
My take on the traditional Cross Stone Ring

This ring was a real challenge to make happen.  Nobody
wanted to do the Spiny Oyster cross cabochon.  Seems this is a
shell that is Very hard to work with and even lethal if the dust
is inhaled while working with it.  Enter Gary Anderson, a local
lapidary artist that does amazing work.  He made the cross cab
custom just for this ring.  Then I put my spin on it and 'Boom'
it's a very special Valentines gift.  Some hand engraved
sterling silver a little 14k gold and Everyone's Happy!
Custom Showpiece Headstall
This headstall is entirely custom
made to accent the antique bit.
Eagle motif w custom glass
cabochons. Just shows Anything
is possible! Email to design yours
Amethyst and Sterling
Silver Set for Custom
Chaps.  They're her
Birthstone so what could
be more Perfect?
Antique vs. Bright Conchos