*Custom Jewelry*
Including Leather, Silver, Gold, and Enamel
Now you can create a One of a Kind piece of
jewelry that reflects your true style and
know it will never be duplicated.  Everything
made one at a time by Hand by Me.
What could be more custom than That?
The possibilities are endless with so many options.  The neckpiece above features a hand
tooled leather piece with silver spots on shadow scallops.  The buckle at the top and the
hanging pieces are Sterling Silver with my own hand engraving. The Fabulous piece of
turquoise is surrounded by a 14k Gold rope border.  The turquoise piece and the scroll piece
above it both have a hook type of fastener so they can we worn together or separately on this
piece or even on different styled necks, chains, braided pieces, etc..   The colorful pieces that
imitate the tooled scrolls are custom enamel pieces.  (Glass fused to fine silver)  There are
many more examples of enamelling below as well.  With so many different techniques to use
there really are no limits other than your imagination..  
Call or email to design something truly One of a Kind..   denice@denicelangley.com
The leaves above are actually moulded from real leaves from what we call
"Buck brush" here  aka  Oak Brush.  Each leaf is done from one individual
leaf and can be tiny as these are or larger.  The ones on the left (earrings
and pendant) are fine silver (.999%) with 14k Gold as the stem and center
vein.  The one on the right is copper with a sterling silver vein and stem.
Once again the possibilities are endless with Many different leaves and
variations available.  Call or email for more information
Denice @denicelangley.com
This is the *4 Corners* Neck piece
It features a wonderful scroll design in the hand tooled leather with
the same style design carried through in both the custom enamel
work and the hand engraved sterling silver.  The enameling has a
very one of a kind style that also imitates the brilliant blue
Turquoise with it's darker matrix.  The hanging pieces can be
worn together, one at a time, or it can be worn without
them completely.
The Turquoise hanging piece is hand engraved
Sterling Silver with a 14k Gold rope
* Custom 14k 'Chain Gang' earrings*
Ring featuring Sterling
Silver, 14k Gold, and
Kingman Turquoise
These rings are each hand made and
engraved by me. The 1 w square Turquoise
is on hand in my shop and is approx. a size
9 or so.  Fits my middle finger.
Email, call, or message me for more
This piece is on hand in my shop.  Please email or
message for details.  denice@denicelangley.com
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To see things that may not be on the website and Current
projects in the works!
Barb's Lily
Custom Cloisonne Enamel
*Angel Fish*
This is a sterling silver pendant
featuring 14k Gold & Turquoise for a
very special Fish that is truly and
Also on Etsy
"He Loves Me....." earrings
And Art Deco Hoops
Totally customizable
Custom Necklaces featuring
Genuine Turquoise and Sodalite