Any style can be designed custom.  Any tooling pattern can be created.   There are
endless possibilities.  Your signature, initials, brand, even graphics can be
incorporated into the tooling or added in sterling silver.  Pricing starts around
$1,000. a pair on adult chaps and depends on how much intricate tooling, custom
silver, etc. you choose.  Virtually anything is possible, the sky's the limit.
*Give me a call or send an email, I'll get back to you as soon as possible!*
(970) 564-5184 Cell (970) 739-1118 or Email:
Chaps can be customized to have Filigree Tooling, 1 or 2 accent colors, Spots,
Sterling Silver conchos with or without genuine stones to match tooling patterns &
accent colors, Double or tipped Fringe, Names and Brands, virtually anything that
makes them one of a kind and truly Personal.  Prices start around $1,000 on reg
chaps and $1,500 on custom Rodeo Queen chaps.  Email or call for more Info.
With the measurements shown on the chart you can have chaps made to
fit you perfectly.  You can choose any style or tooling pattern. Unique
applique patterns.  Any color accents using filligree (cut out
backgrounds behind the tooling that exposes the different accent color)
or as a stripe around the edges. Any style silver or tooling accents such
as conchos, buckles and even custom designs to depict your initials,
signature or brand.
Your imagination and mine are the only limits!
(970) 564-5184 Cell (970) 739-1118 or Email:
*Now accepting Visa, MC, Discover, and Paypal*

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1. Waist, just under belt
2. Length, Belt to Floor
3. Thigh, widest point
4. Thigh, middle
5. Thigh, above knee
6. Calf, under knee
7. Inseam
*  Measurements                 
should be over jeans       w/
boots if possible.
* Double click images
below to see larger view
Basic Chaps Style
Bronc Halter to match Chaps
Lapis Chinks
These chinks
have silver spots,
navy accent trim,
double fringe and
custom sterling
silver with Lapis
Lazuli stones set
in all the conchos.
They're fully lined
with soft navy
lining leather and
have a belt and
spur straps to
*Now Accepting Visa, MC, and Paypal*
*Now Accepting Visa, MC, and Paypal*
Chaps, vest, and belt in Toffee with black and metallic red accents. There are also rubies in the
custom silver. Congratulations Liz and Vicki looks like they are bringing you good luck after all!
Dixie's Motorcycle Chaps
These chaps are a fabulous
bronze metallic leg leather with
tooled trim featuring genuine
Crocodile.  Lots of silver spots
(even some of them engraved!).
Sterling Silver conchos with
genuine Turquoise from the 4
corners area and black fringe.  
Possibly the coolest thing about
this pair of chaps is that the
custom belt is Detachable.  That's
right you can take the belt off of
the chap legs and wear it on it's
own with other outfits.  How
versatile is that?!  So to have a
detachable belt it had to very
special and stand on it's own.  I
believe this one does : )
Rox wearing her Fabulous Lapis Chinks!
Custom Reining chaps for Sylvester Stallone
These pairs of chaps are for Sly to show his reining horses.
They feature a mix of western and contemporary Mayan
influenced design in the tooling pattern. Have red as the
accent color with intricately Piped edges and some very cool
Black spots. Genuine Crocodile hide under the filigree and
even Croc in the center of the custom sterling silver conchos.  
Good Luck Sly!
Custom Chinks and Waist
Cincher belt..
Molly is a wonderful customer
that has a Fabulous show horse
and does very well in the
showring.  It's awesome that
she's chosen to wear an outfit by
me.  Very well represented I
must say!
Thanx Molly and Good Luck!
* Infinity Chaps*
These are my Infinity Chaps and the first of their kind.  They offer infinite possibilities by being able to change the silver work and the bottom
panels to match any outfit. When I thought about what I'd want in a pair of show chaps these are it. A perfect pair of Black chaps with the ability
to be customized to ANY outfit or colors.  Naturally all of the silver work is custom by Me and the stones are genuine.  Call or email for info!
This pair of Infinity Chaps are the
first ever.  They'll be possible in
any color scheme or tooling
design. I liked this because it's so
neutral and will be easy to pair
with different ideas.  Still shows
some wonderful tooling and
some great technique but without
overshadowing the basic premise.
This specific pair are black suede
and feature one set up with
genuine Onyx stones that give
that "Black on Black" look.  The
second set up features Genuine
Turquoise for a pop of color and
whole different style.  Then the
third set up has graphic designed
horse images that are completely
neutral.  Any of these 3 set ups
are possible on this pair already
but there's also the possibility of
infinite choices outside of these.  
Other stones or even beaded
panels can be done to match
virtually any outfit you want or
may already have.
This is an idea that has been in
my mind for years and finally
came to fruition this winter.
Call or email for more info.
*Kaydee's Chinks*
These chinks are pretty special and feature
12 inch double layer fringe.  They also have
genuine Garnet stones set on the custom
sterling silver conchos and in the tooled
flower centers.  Since I do all the custom
silver as well as the leather work Any thing
is possible!
Be sure to check out
the silver page for
more detailed images
of the custom silver
work on the chaps and
chinks you see on this
page.  Then email or
call for more info if
you'd like to
personalize something
you already have or
start a Custom project
Bluebonnets & Butterflies
in Texas
These are some Very special and
unique chaps that have all the bells
and whistles. Custom silver w
Lapis Lazuli etc.
Delanie and her chinks
Rodeo Queen chaps
on the left and below..
Delanie and her chinks on
the right..  The chinks are
very special and if you
double click the images to
the right you'll see the cool
hummingbird detail within
the tooling as well as the
Tiger's Eye stones in the
conchos and flower
centers.  Some horse shoes
for Luck and she's off to
the showring! Loved
working on these very Fun
Rodeo Queen chaps can be
about anything you can
think of and can feature
about any colors etc.  
Some have crystal details
and others silver spots.  It's
all up to You..
email me with your ideas
and we can what's possible!